Midnight Shenanigans

Through unexpected events, my friends and I recently met up with the makers of Transistor, Supergiant Games.  Although it wasn’t until recent that I became truly interested in game development and programming in general, having the opportunity to meet such amazing people was definitely an inspiring experience (as seen, Transistor’s artwork above is first-rate p.s. the gameplay is even better).

With the amount of experience I have in programming (e.g. moderate proficiency in Python), I’m still very very far from reaching a milestone such as Transistor but it’s good to dream right?  And now that summer break is here, I finally have some time to work towards it^^! It’s not much but with a little tweaks I managed to code a League of Legends fun fact app through Treehouse Academy’s lessons in Objective-C.

 iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jun 11, 2015, 3.25.19 AM

While making this, I realized how similar programming language is to spoken language, just that you type to a machine instead of speak to a person.  I don’t have the artistic talent nor the manpower to make full-fledged game but to be honest, I think this is a good start.

I plan on making something more challenging next, maybe an small-bit game like Flappy Bird or try out a simple website with HTML & CSS (mixed with a little JavaScript functions) so hope that’s something to look forward to!  Until completion I’ll try my best to keep this blog active with some reviews or other tech-y shenanigans so see you then!

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