Accidental Web Design

Sadly, I wasn’t accepted into Berkeley’s Web Design DeCal course due to there being no space, but I was quite lucky that their lectures and resources were all fully accessible on their website to everyone (

My first impression when dabbing into web design programming was that HTML, CSS and JavaScript were languages that make a website only when put together.  Comparing websites to people, HTML is like the skeleton that supports everything, CSS is our skin that makes us into models, and JavaScript is the veins running through our body that lets us function.

The course itself was quite interactive and fast pace, allowing me to build my own simple website as well as a functional login box page.  After plowing through the entire coursework this entire day, all I have left is to make another website of my choosing that interacts with the user.  But knowing how time-consuming it is to make a website now, I decided to leave that task for tomorrow.  When going on Apple’s or Youtube’s websites, I think of how long it must have taken for web developers to make such aesthetically pleasing and interactive projects x.x  .

Currently, my plans are to make a catalog-type website for my parent’s business but I’m also afraid my skills won’t be enough for that level.  Thus, I am letting you know it will take time to finish but I will surely update you with smaller blog posts on its progress.





This blog is still a work in progress so sidebar features, about me page, and other miscellaneous elements to it will be a little wonky.  I hope you enjoy what it is becoming so far though.

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